The Canadian Institute of Nuclear Physics is a formal organization of the Canadian nuclear physics research community to promote excellence in nuclear research and education, and to advocate the interests and goals of the community both domestically and abroad.

DNP Graduate Student Travel Awards


As you have read in the recent CINP newsletter, the Division of Nuclear Physics of the American Physical Society (APS-DNP) will meet for only the third time in Canada, this time at:
October 13-16, 2016
Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre
Vancouver, BC
TRIUMF is the host institution. The conference website is at: http://dnp2016.triumf.ca/

To encourage the participation of Canadian graduate students at this meeting, the Canadian Institute of Nuclear Physics (CINP) is making available up to five travel awards. This is a one-time program to celebrate the meeting location in Canada, we do not intend to provide similar support when the APS-DNP meets in the USA.

Each award will be for up to $500 towards student travel expenses. Students must be enrolled in graduate studies at a Canadian university and performing research in experimental or theoretical nuclear physics. The application package should consist of:
* application form filled in by both student (Part A) and supervisor (Part B).
* copy of the student's conference abstract for a talk or poster at the APS-DNP meeting.
* 2 page CV summarizing the student's research experience, scholarships or other awards received, and career goals.
* university transcripts.
PDF format is preferred for the application and supporting materials (transcripts, abstract and registration, CV).

The contributed abstract submission deadline is Friday, July 1. The application deadline for a travel award is Monday, July 4. The application form is available here.

While the grant will be awarded before the conference to facilitate travel, the payment will be released only after submitting original receipts following the end of the conference. Examples of eligible expenses are: conference registration fees, flight tickets with original boarding passes, taxi/bus fares, gas and mileage, hotel accommodation, meals.

Inquiries and completed application packages should be sent with subject title "DNP Student Award" to:
Garth Huber
CINP Executive Director

CINP Undergraduate Research Scholarships


The CINP is pleased to announce that it will fund up to 5 research scholarships to enable gifted undergraduates to work with a supervisor on nuclear physics research this summer.

The program is open to any Physics or Engineering Physics major enrolled in a Bachelor of Science or Applied Science program at a Canadian university. Students must not hold any higher degrees in the natural sciences or engineering. The research supervisor must be an NSERC-eligible member of the CINP, but does not have to be employed by the institution where the research will be performed.

The duration of the scholarship is 16 weeks on a full-time basis. The scholarship consists of a $3500 stipend, which must be supplemented by the supervisor or other funds such as an NSERC USRA to a value not less than $7,000.

In addition, if the supervisor intends to send the student to a laboratory or work with a second collaborator for an extended period in the summer, the CINP is willing to contribute up to an additional $1300 to help cover transportation and lodging expenses. The supplement will be paid only after receipt of original receipts. Travel from the student's residence to the supervisor's place of employment is not eligible.

The student and prospective supervisor must jointly apply for the scholarship. The application form is available at the CINP website, http://cinp.phys.uregina.ca/node/179

2015 Nobel Prize in Physics


The CINP offers its congratulations to Dr. Art McDonald on receiving the Nobel Prize in Physics today. Art has been a member of the CINP since 2010. The prize is indeed a wonderful recognition of the accomplishments of Art and the SNO Collaboration, and a great honour for the entire subatomic physics community in Canada.

For more information, please see the Nobel Prize press release

CINP Executive Director and Board of Directors

CINP Brief to Subatomic Physics Long Range Plan


The CINP Brief Committee received a variety of comments on the two draft briefs we circulated in August and September. We tried to incorporate as many of these comments as we could, and the final version has been released to the NSERC Subatomic Physics Long Range Planning Committee (SAP-LRPC). We would like to thank everyone who provided the constructive criticism which we hope has further strengthened the document.

This brief is now publicly available for your download from
More information is available from the "Subatomic Physics Long Range Plan" menu on the left.

We would also like to take this opportunity to urge your attendance at the SAP-LRPC Town Hall meeting, which is tentatively scheduled for Vancouver on Dec 12-13. It would be extremely helpful to our case if there could be good representation from the nuclear physics community at this meeting. Details will follow at a later date from NSERC.

Thank you again to everyone who provided the considerable assistance and support which were vital to the preparation of this document.

The CINP Brief Committee

Garth Huber huberg@uregina.ca (Lead Editor)
Iris Dillmann dillmann@triumf.ca (Nuclear Astrophysics)
Charles Gale gale@physics.mcgill.ca (QCD/Hadrons)
Adam Garnsworthy garns@triumf.ca (Nuclear Structure)
Gerald Gwinner gwinner@physics.umanitoba.ca (Fundamental Symmetries)
Juliette Mammei jmammei@physics.umanitoba.ca (Education & Training)