Experimental Subatomic Physics – Research Associate

The Department of Physics at the University of Virginia is seeking a postdoctoral research associate to work in the area of experimental subatomic physics. Candidates with outstanding research potential and with an interest in electroweak studies in electron-nuclear scattering are especially invited to apply. Research will be conducted at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in Newport News, Virginia, with a focus on current and future measurements of parity violation in electron scattering.

29th Annual Hampton University Graduate Studies Program

The 29th Annual Hampton University Graduate Studies Program at The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, June 2 – June 20, 2014

Applications are now being accepted for HUGS 2014 to be held at Jefferson Lab in Newport News, Virginia. Deadline for Fellowship consideration is April 11, 2014.

2014 National Nuclear Physics Summer School

The 2014 National Nuclear Physics Summer School (NNPSS) will be held from June 9 through June 20, 2014, at the College of William & Mary in historic Williamsburg, Virginia. The summer school is open to graduate students and postdocs within a few years of their PhD (on either side) with a strong interest in experimental and theoretical nuclear physics.

Bethe Forum on Detector Physics - Trends and Challenges

The hadron-physics and particle-physics groups at Bonn are organizing a Detector Physics lecture week in Bonn, which could be interesting for Master- and PhD-students. Please see the attached poster for more information.

GRIFFIN Collaboration

Dear colleagues,

As you may have heard, we are installing the new GRIFFIN (Gamma-Ray Infrastructure For Fundamental Investigations of Nuclei) facility for radioactive decay spectroscopy of stopped ISOL beams produced by the TRIUMF-ISAC facility. GRIFFIN consists of an array of 16 HPGe clover detectors for gamma-ray detection coupled with a suite of ancillary detection systems and a custom-designed digital DAQ system.

For more details of the GRIFFIN facility and ancillary detector systems see:

TRIUMF announces Dr. Jonathan Bagger as new Director

After a seven month, international search for TRIUMF’s next director, the laboratory's Board of Management announced today that Dr. Jonathan Bagger, Krieger-Eisenhower Professor, Vice Provost, and former Interim Provost at the Johns Hopkins University, will join TRIUMF this summer as the laboratory's next director.

For more details, please see the attached PDF.

Post-Doctoral Position - University of Massachusetts Amherst

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position to work on precisions tests of the Standard Model with the Experimental Nuclear Physics Group at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The successful candidate will work primarily on the new muon g-2 experiment E989 at Fermilab. This exciting experiment aims at a four-fold improved measurement of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon to an accuracy of 0.14 ppm. Comparison with theoretical predictions allows a precision test of the Standard Model, with outstanding sensitivity to new physics at the TeV-scale.


Registration, Accommodations, and Abstract Submission for the Nuclear Structure 2014 conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada is now open.

Please see to register, reserve your accommodations, and submit your abstract.

See you in July!

Greg Hackman
On behalf of the Organizing Committee

ISOL Group, RISP, Korea

Positions Open: ISOL Group, RISP, Korea

The Rare Isotope Science Project (RISP) was established in December 2011 at the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) in Korea to carry out the construction of the accelerator complex, RAON, for rare isotope science. The goal of the accelerator complex is to produce a wide variety of stable and rare isotope beams to be used
for research in basic science and various applications.

Professorship in Theoretical Hadron Physics at the University of Mainz

The Faculty of Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz (JGU) and the PRISMA Cluster of Excellence invite applications for an appointment at the level of a University Professor (m/f) for theoretical hadron physics in the field of nucleon structure analysis (salary class W 2; LBesG) starting from winter semester 2014/15 and limited for six years. Following the temporary employment, a permanent faculty appointment is possible.