FunSym Research Activities

This page will feature research by our members. Ideally everyone (or every group) would send in some description of their work, a link to their homepage, and some nice photos. Below is a (shameless) example. Once we have enough content, it is probably best to just put a list here with links to individual pages for each experiment/group. A general introduction to our field should go onto our homepage.

  1. Fundamental Symmetries in Atoms and Ions - G. Gwinner - University of Manitoba
    • The TITAN ion trap facility for radioactive ions at TRIUMF. This new ion trap facility will measure masses of short-lived isotopes produced by the ISAC radioactive beam facility at TRIUMF for studies in astrophysics and the electroweak interaction. We are designing a cooler ion trap to pre-cool the highly charged ions.
    • Search for violation of Lorentz invariance. This experiment at the TSR heavy-ion storage ring at the Max-Planck-Institute for Nuclear Physics is the most sensitive test of relativistic time dilation. Essentially, we have realized a two-velocity ion clock using Li+ ions stored at 3% and 6.4% of the speed of light.
    • Atomic parity non-conservation in laser-trapped francium. In francium, the heaviest alkali atom, the APNC effect is almost 20x larger than in Cs. Fr has no stable isotope, and to get a sufficiently large sample, the FrPNC collaboration plans to laser-trap and cool Fr on-line at the ISAC radioactive beam facility at TRIUMF.