WNPPC Graduate Student Travel Awards

The Canadian Institute of Nuclear Physics (CINP) is making available four graduate student travel awards to the Winter Nuclear and Particle Physics Conference (WNPPC), to be held in Mont Tremblant, Quebec on February 15-18, 2018. The conference website is at: http://wnppc.triumf.ca/

Each award will be for up to $500 towards student travel expenses. Students must be enrolled in graduate studies at a Canadian university and performing research in experimental or theoretical nuclear physics. The application package should consist of:

  • application form (available below) filled in by both student (Part A) and supervisor (Part B).
  • copy of the student's conference registration and abstract for a talk or poster at the WNPPC.
  • 2 page CV summarizing the student's research experience, scholarships or other awards received, and career goals.
  • university transcripts.

PDF format is preferred for the application and supporting materials (transcripts, abstract and registration, CV).

The conference abstract submission deadline is January 15. The application deadline for a travel award is the same date: January 15, 2018.

While the grant will be awarded before the conference to facilitate travel, the payment will be released only after submitting original receipts following the end of the conference. Examples of eligible expenses are: conference registration fees, flight tickets with original boarding passes, taxi/bus fares, gas and mileage, hotel accommodation, meals.

Inquiries and completed application packages should be sent with subject title "WNPPC Student Travel Award" to:
Garth Huber
CINP Executive Director

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