ZED-2 Reactor Safety and Instrumentation Summer School 2017

This is to inform you that we are hosting the eighth ZED-2 Reactor Physics Safety & Instrumentation School from May 29 - June 2, 2017, at Chalk River. We encourage you to pass this information along to any students or colleagues that you think would be interested in attending this event.

The material in the ZED-2 school will be aimed towards graduate students in reactor physics, nuclear engineering, nuclear instrumentation and related disciplines, although students or practitioners with any amount of experience are welcome. The purpose of the school is to introduce participants to the facilities, techniques, and current areas of interest for research in experimental reactor physics, reactor safety, and nuclear instrumentation. The school will be structured around lectures by active researchers in the mornings, followed by practical sessions in the afternoons. The practical sessions will include observation of ZED-2 operations, experiments, and reactor simulations. A public lecture on a topic of general interest is planned for an evening as well.

In previous years, we have had students from across Canada and the US as well as young professionals from both the Canadian utilities and the CNSC attend the school, and we would very much like to extend our alumni list. Please make your students/colleagues aware of this event. We would be very grateful if you would forward this message and application material to your colleagues. Also, if you require any additional information, please contact Crystal Kosnaskie (Crystal.Kosnaskie@cnl.ca) or myself (Jimmy.Chow@cnl.ca).

Jimmy C. Chow
On behalf of the ZED-2 Reactor Safety and Instrumentation School Organization Committee