Excellence in Detector and Instrumentation Technologies (EDIT)

Registration is now OPEN for the Excellence in Detector and Instrumentation Technologies (EDIT) school taking place at Fermilab, Batavia Illinois USA from March 5-16, 2018. EDIT will train High Energy/Nuclear Physics graduate students and post-docs in a wide variety of techniques in particle detection. Please see EDIT2018.fnal.gov for more details

Students will receive an in-depth plenary lecture each day on the physics of detectors. Then the students will break into 4 groups that go into the field for 6 hours of hands-on training. After 2 days of this advanced training, the groups rotate to a different station. Stations will cover techniques in: Photodetection, Silicon Tracking, Neutrino Detection and Test Beam. The first and last days of the symposium will have special displays, with representatives of industry showing their latest technology.

This school is a great opportunity for your students and post-docs to get in-depth training to prepare them for their experimental careers.

Please find attached a poster advertising the EDIT2018 school. We would be grateful if you could please post it at your institution, and forward this email to groups, institutions or individuals who you think would be interested in this school.

best regards,
Marcello Pavan
for the EDIT2018 International Organizing Committee

Marcello Pavan, Ph.D.
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