PDF Positions in Experimental Nuclear Physics and Detector R&D at Argonne National Laboratory

dWe are looking for highly qualified candidates for two postdoctoral positions. One position is focused on development of ultra-fast Silicon Detectors (UFSD) for Nuclear and Particle Physics (including the EIC), and the other is supporting our broad hadronic physics program, with an emphasis on upcoming and future Jefferson Laboratory experiments.

The MEP group has an active and broad-ranging program in hadron and nuclear physics. Our current focus is on hadron structure studies through electron scattering measurements at Jefferson Lab and proton-induced Drell-Yan scattering at Fermilab, with a major effort focused on detector design and simulation and detector R&D for a future Electron Ion Collider. We are also involved in planned muon-scattering measurements at PSI aimed at solving the proton radius puzzle, tests of fundamental symmetry in parity violating electron in scattering at Jefferson Lab, and searches for an atomic EDM in 225Ra EDM using measurements on cold trapped atoms. Information on our group and its research activities can be found at our home page: http://www.anl.gov/phy/group/medium-energy-physics-mep

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For additional details, please contact John Arrington: johna@anl.gov