Postdoctoral position at Orsay

The nucleon structure group at the Institut de Physique Nucleaire d'Orsay (IPNO) in
Paris-Saclay University invites for applications for a postdoctoral research position.
The group's research interests are focused around the study of the quark and gluon
structure of the nucleon and nuclei at the Jefferson Laboratory (USA). Recently an
important program of research has been developed around a low energy recoil
tracker (ALERT) that has been approved to run with the CLAS12 detectors to carry
out experiments to study the EMC effect and nuclear generalized parton distributions
(GPDs). The ALERT detector is composed of a stereo drift-chamber coupled with
arrays of scintillators and is in its design phase.

We are looking for skilled candidates to join the ALERT project and take a leading
role in the development of the detector. The postdoctoral associate will contribute in
all aspects of the development of the detector, from prototyping to running the
detector in the experiment as well as GEANT4 simulation and preparation for future
data analysis. This work will involve numerous interactions with the scientists,
engineer and students of the project both locally and internationally. Finally the
successful candidate will be encouraged to directly participate in some of the physics
analysis projected for the detector and/or to develop new experimental proposal.

The candidate must have a PhD in Nuclear Physics, High Energy Physics or a related
discipline. Experience with nuclear physics instrumentation, particle detectors, as well
as experience with programming and physics analysis are highly desirable. A
demonstrated ability to perform research independently and as part of a research
group is also important. The initial appointment is for two years with possible
extension by one year and can start as soon as the first of November. Gross salary
goes from 2605 to 3615 Euro per month depending on prior experience.

Please provide the following required materials along with your application:
Cover letter
Curriculum vitae
Two letters of recommendation

The application material, letters of recommendations and inquiries related to this
position, can be directed directly to Dr. Raphael Dupre (