Postdoc positions in QCD and heavy-ion physics

The QCD theory group at the Department of Physics of the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland, will have openings for postdoc positions starting September/October 2019. Our main research interests are small-x physics, out-of-equilibrium field theory, parton distributions and perturbative QCD processes, hard and electromagnetic probes and hydrodynamical modeling of heavy ion collisions.

We invite candidates with research interests and experience in any of the fields represented in our group to apply. We expect to be able to fill one or two postdoc positions, funded by the small-x focused ERC consolidator grant CGCglasmaQGP.

The required qualification is a Ph.D. or equivalent in theoretical high-energy or nuclear physics. Review of the applications will start on December 10, 2018, but also applications received later will be considered until the positions are filled.
Interested applicants should send their curriculum vitae, list of publications and research interest statement, and arrange for two or three letters of recommendation to be sent, by email (preferred) to or by mail to

Tuomas Lappi
Department of Physics
P.O. Box 35 (YFL)
FI-40014 University of Jyvaskyla

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