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Information presented at Annual Meetings of the Institutional and Individual Members


For more information on the recent activities of the CINP, please see the following information from our most recent AGM.
Annual General Meeting

The affairs of the CINP are managed by a Board of Directors, selected by the Institutional Members in a staggered manner to provide continuity.
Our Board of Directors
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Conference Support
The CINP regularly provides support towards Conferences, and Workshops. Follow the link for information on previously supported conferences, application guidelines and forms.

Undergraduate Research Scholarships (URS)
The CINP's URS program enables gifted undergraduates to work with a supervisor on nuclear physics research in the summer.

Nuclear Physics

The discipline of Nuclear Physics is driven by fundamental investigations on the origin, evolution and structure of strongly interacting matter.

For a brief presentation on the breadth of Canadian nuclear physics research and important current and future priorities, click here.

Welcome to the CINP-ICPN website

The Canadian Institute of Nuclear Physics is a formal organization of the Canadian nuclear physics research community to promote excellence in nuclear research and education, and to advocate the interests and goals of the community both domestically and abroad.

ANNOUNCEMENT: CINP Brief to Subatomic Physics Long Range Plan


As announced previously by NSERC, the CINP is charged with coalescing nuclear physics community input into a Brief that will be submitted to them by October 1.

Conference Support

Support towards Conferences, Workshops and participants.

Please view the funding motivation and application form attached below.

Conferences supported:

Board Minutes

Minutes of CINP-ICPN Board meetings, grouped by year.

Faculty & Associates

Individual Membership in the CINP is open to any resident of Canada who has sufficient training and competence in the discipline of nuclear physics to enable that individual to play a significant role in the activities of the CINP. Those holding academic appointments at Canadian universities or staff scientist appointment at a Canadian government or industrial laboratory are eligible for "Faculty class" membership, while students, PDFs who support the goals and objectives of the CINP are eligible for "Associate class" membership.


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